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A Open Source CNC designed by renowned machine designer Waleed Kahn and manufactured and distributed exclusively by OpenHardware.co.za.

Coming in the next few weeks, keep checking this page for updates

Update:  July 2014

Sold the first 7 kits to customers.   Redesigned Z Axis for better rigidity and compatibility with 1.5kW spindles

Pro version released for sale as well - ballscrew stock arrived

Redesigned GrblPi to have  Jogging dongle for machine setup as well as compatibility with the new Raspberry Pi B+ (Image below)

Update the GrblPi Page with some details of the software toolchain as well as link to a video by Andrew Hodel showing the toolchain: http://wiki.openhardware.co.za/index.php?title=GrblPi

10580167 742896045770189 689957255426683094 n.png

Update 4 April 2014

Beta kits came back from Powder Coating:

Update 23 March 2014

First of the Beta kits manufactured:

537115 678176878908773 2035238081 n.jpg

and installed the Ballscrews on the first Beta:

Update 13 March 2014

Beta of the V2 has kicked off. 4 units sold to members of House4Hack / openhardwarecoza mailling list.

First beta arrived and was assembled on 12 March 2014:

Source committed to: http://git.openhardware.co.za/root/opencnc-za/tree/master

Update 23 November 2013

I sold the 8mm version below to Dylan - he will continue to get it running - never got round to it when I took on more workload at my dayjob (:

However, that does not mean development stood still:

1. We took the lessons learned from the first version and adapted the design to make assembly much easier

2. We upgraded all the smooth linear rods to 12mm to prevent any flex

3. Upgraded bearings to LM12UU all round

4. Increased clearance for Spindle against Z Axis

5. Sources released! CC-BY-NC Licenced, so feel free to make yourself one and let us know and send us some pics!

Source Files


Update 26 August 2013

Assembling the first prototype (:

Update: 1 Aug 2013

Final drawings prepared and sent for lasercutting

Update: 26 Aug Errata: Picked up the Side pieces are missing two holes each - will upload updated drawings later along with source files. Making many changes now that we started assembling the prototype. CAD helps, but fitting parts together physically always tells a better story (:


1078581 554216377971491 47252813 o.png

1070116_553895778003551_719878052_n (1).jpg

555232 553895608003568 712256808 n.jpg