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Note: Some of our download links are broken after an emergency server migration in early May 2014.  Let us know if you find a broken link

OpenHardware.co.za - Product Manuals and Support Information

3D Printer Kits and CNC Machines

Babybot.jpg 3D Printer - All Steel - Our newest model, launching June/July 2014

923236 516617895042540 504910942 n.jpg EcksbotZA Version 3.9 Sept 2013 - Our flagship 3D printer kit - Stable and mature with good documentation

Opencnc.jpg OpenCNC-ZA - A mini open-source desktop CNC kit, with a all but mini workforce

Delta.jpg Kahn-Delta - An industrial Delta Bot - strong enough to stand on!

Electronics Kits

Rev3lcd.jpg OpenHardware.co.za 3D Printer Controller with LCD and SD Module - Revision 3

Rev3elec.jpg OpenHardware.co.za 3D Printer Controller - Revision 3

Grblpi.png GrblPI - CNC controller shield for Raspberry Pi

2013 - 1.jpg OpenHardware.co.za 3D Printer Controller with LCD and SD Module - Revision 1 & 2

10006602 678175888908872 1531842315 n.jpg Laser Cutter Driver / GRBL Controller

Tb6560.jpg TB6560 Research as Pololu / Allegro alternative

Ssid.png Arduino Soldering Iron Driver - leadfree

Mechanical Designs

OpenHW Controller Sketchup Template.PNG OpenHardware.co.za 3D Printer Controller: Lasercuttable Mounting / Sketchup Case Template Files

3D Printer HOWTOs

Donejhead.jpg Assembly and Wiring of a J-Head Hotend - How to assemble our J-Head Hotend as well as the Printanator Nozzle based on the JHead

M92.PNG Upgrade Firmware and Calibrate Extruder using EEPROM - Upgrading Firmware and Calibrating your controller's steps-per-mm

3D Printer Tips and Tricks

Clothespinspring.jpg Easy Belt tensioner from a clothes pin spring

Is it worth printing Spool Hubs? Yes it is!

Community Projects


Lasersaur1.jpg House4Hack Lasercutter Project - A community project to crowdfund a DIY lasercutter for House4Hack based on the LaserSaur

1965079 669152233144571 517482072 n.jpg House4Hack BlueWatch Project - A community project to crowdfund a DIY Bluetooth Smartwatch for House4Hack


Printanator1.PNG Printanator - A Dual Nozzle All-Metal Hotend

Code Snippets

RPI 2.8" LCD Button GUI framework in Python

Retired Products

20130623-001319.jpgRepRap Morgan - Launched July 2013 - We are the Official South African distribution partner for Morgan! = currently on hold while first build run is in progress

Prusai3Alu.jpg Prusa i3 Kit - OpenHardware.co.za Aluminum Frame - Launch Aborted... Eckbot-ZA Still too far superior (;

Z Axis Square 1.jpg Prusa i3 Kit - Older SeeMeCNC Kit we sold in 2012/Early 2013 - Retired Product - for reference only

Molex pins.jpg Sanguinololu - Old stock available on special - ask us!

Printrbot Original Wired To Gen7 1.4.1 revision2.jpgWire a RepRap 3D Printer to a Gen7 Electronics Board - Wiring guide for Gen 7 Electronics but contains valuable tips suitable for all our Printer Kits